Virtual offices are already surpassing their real counterparts

Today it is not a problem to combine the work of people from different parts of the Earth – there are instant messengers, video chats, robotic avatars, etc. However, they are all, in fact, only separate tools for communication and information exchange. The concept of the Dataview VR project proposes to place all employees in a single virtual office, without the use of intermediate means.

In a virtual space you can mount as many offices, conference rooms, corridors, servers, etc. for a symbolic surcharge. Employees do not need to comply with a dress code, they do not need to send emails, attend meetings. You don’t even need to wait until some equipment or furniture is brought in – everything is simulated in virtual reality by several teams. It turns out a common business space where everyone can solve their problems, exchange data and work together on projects.

The disadvantage of the concept in the technical implementation of the workplace of a particular employee. Specialized software cannot be transferred to virtual reality, users will have to take off the headset, work the old-fashioned way, and then show the results to colleagues in VR. Not every professional gamer will be able to sit for several hours with a headset on his head, and virtual coffee will not replace the real one.

But the idea of ​​an office in virtual reality has great commercial potential, because with proper marketing it will open up a new IT segment. Yes, the authors of the idea admit that today replacing physical offices with virtual ones looks like an attempt to sell software to people who do not even have a computer yet. But once something similar was said about wireless communication in offices, about cloud services and the Internet of Things. Virtual and augmented reality are advancing and opening up new opportunities for us in long-familiar areas.

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