The Israeli army is preparing to test an advanced robotic M-RCV

M-RCV компании Elbit Systems

The total strength of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is about 170,000 people. In accordance with the current military doctrine, in the event of a conflict, they will have to operate not only in open areas, but also in urban areas, while minimizing their losses. In this regard, the command of the Israeli army is actively introducing combat robotic systems.

In 2023, tests should begin medium robotic combat vehicle M-RCV from Elbit Systems based on the BLR-2 platform. The M-RCV is equipped with an autonomous turret with a 30 mm automatic cannon, the Elbit Iron Fist active protection system (a version of the Iron Dome missile defense system adapted for armored vehicles).

They are complemented by fire control and drone flight control systems, a robotic autonomous operating kit and sensors (active and passive) for assessing the combat situation.

The M-RCV kit also includes the drone itself (in the transport position it is placed in a special protective capsule), designed to perform reconnaissance missions. It is possible to use a robot tank to deliver heavy loads and install Spike anti-tank missiles on it.

Source — Elbit Systems

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