Windows 11 shows a noticeable improvement over Windows 10

Microsoft is ready to announce Windows 11 and a non-final version of the new operating system has already been leaked. Now, a user reports big improvements in the performance of Win 11 compared to Windows 10.

YouTuber Ben Anonymous, claims to be using an official version of Windows 11 which is build 21996.1, presents differences from the leaked build, and has some features not found in the leaked build. The laptop used by YouTuber has an Intel Core i7-10875H and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super.

First of all, the boot time is shorter, from 16 seconds it has dropped to 13 seconds. This is a dramatic change and a good sign for the overall performance of Windows 11.

One test that YouTuber ran was Time Spy on 3DMark, which went from 6,872 to 7,613. The GPU went from 6,927 to 7,426 and the CPU from 6,573 to 8,886. The results of CrystalDiskMark were also good, although Ben said that we should keep a small basket because it depends on many elements, such as the space used. In a second test, the results were the same.

Microsoft seems to have added some updated power management, because YouTuber uninstalled any ASUS software that controls the fans, so any changes were due to the management of the operating system.

It should be noted that the fans operated differently during the tests and as it is known the colder the CPU and the GPU, the better the performance.

Of course the temperatures did not verify the data. When running 3DMark, the results said that the temperatures were high even though the fans were running at more speeds.

This is the best unofficial teaser we have available and Microsoft will definitely be mentioned details on the performance of Windows 11 , next week at their unveiling event.

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