Windows 10: new update refreshes Microsoft's OS

In the coming weeks, Microsoft will deploy a new update on Windows 10. The Redmond company wants, this time, to take every precaution so that it does not pose any technical problems.

Credits: Microsoft

Telecommuters running Windows 10 , fear not: the new fall 2020 update won’t change your way to work. Microsoft is currently starting the deployment of a mainly cosmetic and ergonomic update. The first change it makes is the very subtle adoption of a new design for the start menu . This one will say goodbye to the traditional black background to adopt more transparency. The applications listed will no longer be included in blue squares, which should help to better differentiate them. Among the other modifications, there is also a new version of the essential menu Alt + Tab . This will no longer consider only active applications: when Microsoft Edge is part of it and has several tabs open, the Alt + Tab function will take them into account and allow you to switch from one to the other. If this new method bothers you, it can be disabled. The new October update also adds the logo of applications affected by notifications received on the desktop, again to improve reading. In addition, for gamers, Windows 10 will (finally) give them access to the setting of the refresh rate from their screen, from the operating system itself. To do this, once the update has been downloaded and installed, simply go to “Settings”, then “System”, “Display” and finally click on “Advanced display settings. »In addition, to avoid the numerous problems caused by multiple updates during containment in the spring, Microsoft promises to deploy it as gradually as possible in order to offer the most security guarantees to Windows 10 users. “We will limit the availability of this update in the coming weeks: it will therefore not be accessible to all from today in order to ensure a reliable download to the greatest number , Microsoft explains in a press release relayed by The Verge . Some devices might have a compatibility issue and we prefer to be sure that they will be able to accept the update before we force them to download it . “

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