There may only be one major Windows 10 update per year

The company would slow down the frequency of newly released content updates, allowing more professionals to deal with hammering Windows 10X.

Windows 10 updates often come up with a problem that the manufacturer then needs to fix with new fixes. Now, it looks like Microsoft would switch to a model that only releases a major update to the operating system each year, but not necessarily to spend the time it gained improving and completely debugging the latest versions. By thinning, the company would free up valuable human resources that could be redeployed.

The company is planning to restructure the updates, as they will soon come up with a new operating system, Windows 10X, which will come mostly to smartphones, tablets, and the company’s single- or dual-display devices. Obviously, developing, maintaining, and updating this will also require a strong IT team, some of which will be recruited from the regular Windows 10 welding team.

Mary Jo Foley, a journalist for ZDNet , cites internal sources for information that said so the company will continue to come up with two upgrades in the future, however, the spring package will always land on Windows 10X, while the fall will land on “smooth” Windows 10. Of course, the practice of minor upgrades and bug fixes will also be maintained, which will be necessary for the company’s performance to date.

This structure may start next year, when the 10X will debut, which we could have expected this year, but due to the coronavirus epidemic, the production of both the operating system and the devices running it has slowed down.

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