There is something wrong with Microsoft's enterprise remote access solution

The problem first arose on 23 July, making certain functions unavailable to crowds of smaller businesses

Late last week, several smaller businesses reported having connectivity issues with Microsoft Remote Access Services, which simply prevented them from doing much of their work. The problems lasted for days, but the company did not receive an official statement as to what might be behind the problem – most likely changes are stories around the domain it owns.

Remote Web Access is essential for many businesses to be able to access their workplace remotely, and disruptions can completely paralyze certain jobs, especially now that COVID-19 is causing many people to work from home. This is exactly what happened last Thursday, when several smaller businesses indicated that they could not access Microsoft services remotely.

The problem may have been with the domain, which several have reported changes to the associated DNS server, which appears to have resulted in a complete crash. Others have also noticed that the name servers belonging to have migrated to a new host, NSGBR.COMLAUDE.CO.UK, registered in the UK. However, the IP addresses for the new name servers that point to the above-mentioned domain are still in Microsoft’s possession.

The nameservers for were changed today. Screenshot from

— Jim Reid (@ reidjim76) July 24, 2020

Crowds of small businesses reported that teleworking was partially or completely paralyzed, and employees working from home due to the coronavirus simply could not connect to work networks. Most worryingly, despite a plethora of announcements, Microsoft did not respond to the problem, until a spokesman eventually said the problem had been resolved. However, it was not disclosed what could have caused the systems to be paralyzed.

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