The Slack platform is expanded with useful innovations

Due to the coronavirus, the teamwork application introduced a number of features that can somewhat replace personal meetings in the office.

Most office application companies devote significant resources to serving the needs of telecommuting companies. There are those for whom home work is a salvation, but there are also those who like to be able to deal with the daily challenges in the company of their colleagues. Slack’s newly introduced features aim to make the spontaneity of face-to-face encounters a part of daily work again. Like the stories on Instagram and Facebook, we will soon be able to leave short videos for our colleagues on the Slack interface, in which we can give a status report on a project. These are obviously not suitable for longer reports, nor are they intended to replace video calls. The novelty is well illustrated by this short little video released by Slack about the update: They’ve also introduced the “always available voice” feature, which essentially serves so that if we get stuck somewhere in our work, we can easily get help from those who are just getting it. It’s a bit like leaning over to the person sitting next to us in the office to help us solve a clever problem. It has not yet been announced when the news will arrive, but a couple of updates and redesigns have been released that may be of interest to companies and administrators, but anyone can blog about it


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