Simple way to install Android app on Windows 11

During the presentation of Windows 11, Microsoft named the ability to install Android applications as one of the main advantages of the operating system. However, a month after the announcement of Windows 11, this feature is available for a limited number of programs. The Microsoft Store currently only has a small number of Amazon Appstore apps.

For advanced users, it is possible to install Android applications using the ADB tool. However, this method is quite laborious and will not be able to provide widespread adoption of a new feature in Windows 11.

Programming enthusiasts are constantly developing new programs to promote this feature. One of these programs, called WSATools, was offered by user Simone Franco.

WSATools allows you to install any Android application under Windows 11 in just a few clicks. The user just needs to download the APK file and run the intuitive application installation procedure through WSATools. The WSATools program itself is already hosted in the official Microsoft app store.

Source / download: microsoft

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