Google’s fuchsia is gaining further design

A few weeks ago, Google presented its new operating system Fuchsia, which will initially only be used as a basic system on smart displays. Up to now, Fuchsia has had a logo that is several years old, which has so far been sufficient for external presentation. Now, however, there is a redesign that is somehow more playful. A new logo doesn’t seem to have been an important point to me at the moment. You see it a little differently on Google.

Fuchsia should be more clearly recognizable based on its logo

In any case, the shape, which now represents a small f, is new in the design. It’s playful, but somehow clearly recognizable. The new trademark registration also shows in the declaration that Google would like to represent the first letter of Fuchsia with this symbol. The new trademark registration was submitted by Scott Ceresia, who is responsible for exactly such things at Google. For an end customer product with fuchsia, we expect the logo to be a little more colourful.

Fuchsia has hardly been an issue for end customers so far

Google has on request confirms that we actually want to replace the older logo with the new one. So far, however, a fuchsia logo has been extremely rare to see anyway. The new logo has not yet been used anywhere, not on the Nest Hub after the update and not on the Fuchsia developer website. Which probably won’t change as long as fuchsia only plays a role behind the scenes. Unlike Android, which as a brand appears much more aggressively for end customers.

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