Data systematization with artificial intelligence under the guidance of Micro Focus

Information is power that is available in every company. But only those who can properly interpret and exploit the set of information and get the gist out of it can gain a competitive advantage.

However, the amount of data collected by organizations is so huge that it is impossible to start the task with human work. Machine learning and artificial intelligence, on the other hand, are capable of recognizing and analyzing texts, sounds, images, or faces, thus exposing even hidden contexts. Therefore, the use of Micro Focus is also more and more in the solution of these technologies. Only 20 percent of the amount of data accumulated in companies is structured, ie some sort of systematically stored information that organizations can store and analyze with the help of appropriate software. However, most companies have four times as much unorganized information contained in various text, video, or audio files, such as presentations, correspondence, radio or television broadcasts, and possibly content shared on social media. With such a huge amount of data, it is already difficult to determine where to start your research if you are interested in useful information.

If companies find an effective way to systematize, analyze and exploit this information, it can give them a significant competitive advantage. They can learn more about the market and the habits and needs of their customers so they can be more competitive. They can make better decisions and serve their customers at a higher level, as well as create completely personalized offers for them. Extraction of information, but how… It is an impossible mission to try to harness this massive amount of information through human labour. It takes a lot of time, it takes a lot of people, each of whom only sees a subset of it. In contrast, a sophisticated IT solution can quickly process and analyze the entire data set at companies using the right technologies. In the Micro Focus data analysis and encryption portfolio Artificial intelligence, for example, supports, among other things, facial recognition, license plate recognition and vehicle type identification, image and sound analysis. ControlPoint File Analysis Software technology is able to scan and analyze all the information in the company from more than 150 different text, image and video data sources, with which it can be seamlessly integrated. Recognizes and analyzes texts and, based on them, highlights the most important trends, patterns, connections and conclusions. It continuously refines analytical methods using machine learning algorithms.

What is all this good for? It depends only on the scope of activities and expectations of the organization, what it starts with these results and what goals it sets for the analyzes. For example, the solution can identify important market trends and hitherto untapped business opportunities in the same way it can be used to identify threats, physical and cyber-attacks. Micro Focus solutions are also used in a wide range of areas, from law enforcement to public administration to the media. The largest Spanish media company, RTVE For example, it used tools to organize and search all the data of the last 50 years. video, photographic and audio archives covering his material. With their previous system, it could take hours or even days to find a particular article, image, or video. However, with Micro Focus, they were able to create a fast and scalable multimedia repository in which they could easily find relevant content in seconds, even without deeper technical knowledge. For example, if you need to search for a specific moment depicting a particular person in a sports or news material, they are already available in a downloadable form with a few clicks, thus creating better and more relevant material in the fierce news competition.

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