Azure virtual machines with AMD speed up data analysis

EPYC-based virtual machines in the Azure cloud accelerate real-time data analysis
(photo: CC0 Public Domain)

Azure Data Explorer, platform solution as a Service ”(PaaS), optimized for near real-time data exploration and analysis, will offer users access to Microsoft Azure virtual machines (VM) with EPYC processors, reported by AMD.

The Azure Data Explorer service, the result of a collaboration between AMD and Azure, now offers EPYC-based virtual machines Azure Dav4, Eav4, Easv4 and Lsv2. The EPYC-based Azure VM family gives Azure Data Explorer customers up to 30-50% higher performance in data analysis, at the same cost.

With increased performance and efficiency, Azure Data Explorer customers can improve real-time analysis of large amounts of data collected from applications, sites, IoT devices, etc., stressed by AMD.

Azure Data Explorer users can now take advantage of AMD EPYC-based virtual machines for the data analysis service, added the chipmaker, whose server processors are increasingly entering data centers.

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