Another bug in Windows 10: the desktop goes crazy, the screen goes dark

The issue that has just been discovered affects laptop users and is caused by a DirectX software bug. An explanation is already available from Microsoft, but a fix is ​​yet to come.

Although problems with Windows 10 are usually related to updates, this time a bug has been revealed that has been hiding in the operating system for some time and could cause the Desktop Windows Manager (DWM) to crash if the user reopens and closes the laptop. They are now beginning to recognize the issue because more and more laptops are switching to 4K, and that’s exactly what the bug is going for.

This issue may occur on laptops running any version of Windows 10, including those with a 4K display and using this at native resolution, or using an external display in 4K mode. According to a Microsoft support site entry, DWM downtime is caused by a flaw in Microsoft DirectX Video Memory Management. You need to know about Desktop Windows Manager that the software has debuted in Windows Vista, and it determines how an application displays pixels on the screen.

According to Microsoft’s explanation of the error, when desktop composition is enabled, separate windows, unlike previous versions of Windows, do not draw directly on the screen but are transferred to the off-screen surfaces of the video memory: these are used to calculate the desktop image is displayed. In other words, this Windows feature is responsible for enabling visual effects related to desktop activities and supporting high-resolution display.

The consequences of DWM crashes can be many. Some people just go crazy about the icons on the screen, others can’t activate Windows Aero themes, but the most unlucky ones completely dim the screen and need to restart the system for normal operation. Fortunately, the problem, which is not caused by a hardware failure, only occurs when special circumstances coexist, which is probably why it may have gone unnoticed so far.

Microsoft is already working on the DirectX bug fix patch, but has not yet announced when it will be delivered to users.

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