Study shows that Android stores 20 times more data about users than iOS. Google disagrees

A study conducted at Trinity College Dublin found that a typical Android phone collects and sends about 20 times more data about its user than an iPhone with iOS. According to Ars Technica , study creator Douglas Leith says that Android will send 1 MB of data to Google within twelve hours of inactivity, and Apple will only receive 52 KB of it from its iOS in the same amount of time.

However, both platforms send data even during normal operation of the device. The study shows, for example, that companies know when you insert a SIM card in your phone, or that you are going through phone settings. Both platforms then connect to their server on average every 4 and a half minutes. Apple iOS automatically collects data about Siri, Safari, and iCloud, and Google Android from Chrome, YouTube, Google Docs, Google Messenger, and even hours or searches.

So while the research itself clearly shows that Android collects more data from users, there are significant assumptions. Leith says he used an iPhone 8 with iOS 13.6.1, which was jailbreaked, for the study, which means that the resulting data is based on a version of iOS that most users no longer use (regardless of the “unblock” performed ). Android was in its 10th version and ran on Google Pixel 2.

Google objected to the research and points out errors in the methodology:

“We’ve identified shortcomings in the researcher’s methodology for measuring data volume, and we disagree with the claim that Android devices share 20x more data than” iPhone “. We also informed him before the study was published. ”

However, Apple also commented on the study, somewhat surprisingly neutral:

“We provide transparency and control over the personal data we collect.”

The whole study is public and you can read it in the published document .

Source:  MacRumors

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