Gmail strengthens with new security features

Due to increased cyber attacks, the company is placing more emphasis on getting users to know as soon as possible if something is wrong with their account.

Because of telecommuting, we become much more vulnerable to cyber attacks, but large IT companies are also making much more serious efforts to protect us. For cyber security month, Google has added new features to its email system, Gmail, so we can be notified much faster if someone has broken into our user account. The company has begun releasing a new feature that notifies us directly within Google apps when there is a problem. First, Gmail introduces a notification system that immediately sends us an alert in the app’s search bar, which allows users to immediately take the necessary precautions to keep their information secure:

The feature will be phased in, but Google want to make it available globally early next year. For now, we’ll only find this extra security feature within Gmail, but if it works, it’s possible that it will appear within several Google services, such as YouTube, Drive. The Google Assistant has also received some security folds, as we now have the option to use it in “guest mode”, so our searches with it will not be associated with our account. The company says more than 100 million phishing attempts are thwarted every day and 100 billion applications are scanned on Android systems. No wonder, then, that, in view of such results, enhanced safety measures are considered important.

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