Cybercriminals continue to see COVID-19 as a good opportunity

The number of phishing attempts related in some way to the pandemic increased dramatically during the first quarter. According to a recent statistic, COVID-themed scams and fraud attempts continued to lead in the second quarter.

The increase is partly explained by the fact that the topic is sensitive, so many more people click on the links without checking, but the number of phishing attacks has increased anyway because due to the epidemic situation, many more people buy more and more online than usual – and in this case it is also easier to slip in one click. There has also been a proliferation of viral Chrome extensions that want to silently “pick up” card information and other login information when you make an online purchase.

According to the survey, the fact that many people have been forced to work remotely is also a good field for hackers: mainly because, unlike corporate machines, home machines are typically less secure, such as various remote management software and conference calls. Vulnerabilities in software are much easier to exploit and, for example, to transmit a viral file to users through them.

phishing attacks: In a phishing attack, fraudsters seek to obtain important personal information and / or access information, hoping to gain material “benefit” later from using that information.

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