Canon made a huge mistake, losing all the customer photos stored in the cloud

Canon’s cloud storage was shut down for several days, and after the restart it turned out that everything had been deleted and could not be restored.

Canon has long been a major player in the professional digital imaging market. However, in addition to producing quality digital cameras and other devices, it naturally strives to advance in online services by offering customers a cloud storage space called for some time.

Many people need this precisely because professional machines take high-resolution, loss-free images, often in raw format, which is a really space-consuming thing. Surely there are those who, for that reason, did not even store most of their images on their own machines, but left them entirely to Canon’s cloud storage. Well, according to the latest news, they are now tearing their clothes and scattering ashes on their own heads while putting Canon’s name in various ancient curses.

It happened that Canon engineers made a software update to the hosting service, which in turn stopped due to a related error. After that, the entire storage space was unavailable for several days, and when it restarted, it quickly became clear that the clients’ files stored there were virtually completely and irreversibly lost.

All videos and original-resolution images of all users have been deleted from the long-term storage, leaving only the so-called thumbnails, as the small preview images were stored in a different logical volume.

However, this is a meager consolation, as instead of many megapixel images and full videos, just a few hundred times a few hundred pixels, blurred pixels are what can be achieved, they have been used to search the web client for original photos and videos without having to fully load them.

The error affects the entire customer base, all photos and videos uploaded before June 16 can be crossed, only the crop of the last two months could be recovered from a backup. According to Canon, the case has nothing to do with the series of extortion virus attacks the company has recently suffered: unknowns have successfully stolen several terabytes of data and temporarily shut down various services.

Canon claims that user data has not been compromised in the meantime, and that the current huge flaw was caused by a software update launched to protect against similar attacks. There is no information on whether the company will compensate in any way those whose work, intellectual property, emotional values ​​have thus been lost. For the time being, the company apologizes in an official statement for what happened, but it is likely that more people are expecting more serious action.

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