Apple sues NSO Group, which hacks and spies on iPhone owners

On November 23, Apple said it had filed a lawsuit against the Israeli firm NSO Group and its parent company OSY Technologies for harassing and spying on US citizens. who are users of Apple devices. Surveillance is carried out using the NSO-developed Pegasus spy software. If Apple’s claims are satisfied, the Israeli firm will be prohibited from working with devices, platforms and software created by Apple. Facebook), Alphabet and Cisco Systems. In early November, the US Department of Commerce blacklisted NSO for software misuse. The US sanctions are attributed to the results of an investigation by a group of 17 media outlets published in July. The media report claimed that Pegasus is being used by some authoritarian countries to hack the smartphones of journalists, human rights activists and government officials in several countries.

In turn, the NSO Group, which sells its products to foreign companies under the license of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, claims that the created Pegasus program saved “thousands of lives” and did not allow ” for pedophiles and terrorists to sit out in technological shelters. ” The Israelis insist that the sale of Pegasus and similar developments was carried out exclusively to governments and law enforcement agencies.

Apple filed in the US District Court for the Northern District of California. The document claims that NSO is releasing spyware that has allowed the pursuit and surveillance of US citizens in 2021. According to Apple, the NSO Group created more than 100 fake user Apple ID credentials to carry out the attacks. At the same time, the Apple servers were not hacked. In addition, NSO experts provide advisory services to improve the effectiveness of such attacks and to track the owners of Apple devices.

FORCEDENTRY attacks carried out using Pegasus software from the NSO Group have been identified cybersecurity organizations such as the Citizen Lab of the University of Toronto and Amnesty Tech (Germany). Apple will provide these organizations with a $ 10 million grant and will guarantee that they will cover all legal costs that may arise while searching for privacy-infringing spyware.

Source: reuters

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