Android Ready SE: Google will soon turn Pixel phones into car keys, digital ID cards and more

The provision of virtual keys and ID data requires a particularly high level of security and common standards. Google has been working for some time to implement appropriate solutions for its own Android operating system. The “Titan M” already contained special security chips and the necessary software in the pixel cell phones of the last few years.

Tamper-proof hardware needs according to Google, so that we can use our smartphones for digital ID documents and keys for cars, homes, etc. in the long term. To this end, Google is now launching a new alliance based on its own efforts so that several manufacturers and authorities can rely on and trust the same standards. The Android Ready SE Alliance is new, announced Google in its own security blog .

Android Ready SE: More security for apps, digital keys, digital identity and electronic money

Patience is required from us users until the new projects can be implemented and become part of our everyday lives. In any case, I wouldn’t mind a future in which I could open my doors, pay and identify myself with a single device. Sounds a bit strange, however, or what do you think of that?

Some of the functions mentioned are already available today via various solutions, but not in their entirety and, above all, without uniform standards. The virtual car key in particular is still in its infancy and that with the identification documents still needs some time.

Android Ready SE is also compatible with other platforms, including Wear OS, Android TV and Android Auto.

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