30% of people would like to spy on their partners through their gadgets

Kaspersky Lab has published the results of a study of people’s attitudes towards “stalker applications”. This is the name of a type of spyware that is designed to be secretly installed on a phone in order to spy on its owner. This is a very primitive tool, whose capabilities are limited to tracking Internet activity and a person’s movements, but they give a completely understandable picture of his personal life if he actively uses gadgets.

In the course of the study, the company’s experts interviewed 1000 people from 21 countries of the world, among those who are or have recently had family relationships. And it suddenly turned out that at least 30% of the respondents would definitely install a tracking application on the phones of their halves, if they could. At the same time, 83% of respondents said that they would immediately break up with a loved one if they knew that he did this to them.

People want to spy on other people, but reject such actions in relation to themselves, and for the same reasons. For example, about half of the “spies” want to know if their partners are carrying out illegal activities, but are categorically not ready to share the same information about themselves. At least 64% want to track facts of adultery, and 63% would like to implement a “stalker application” on the phone of a loved one solely for security purposes.

The survey also showed that only 15% of people would have to follow their halves without fail, and another 15% would start doing it “according to circumstances.” But intent is probably the key here, because the capabilities of ordinary users are limited. If anything, the overwhelming majority, 74%, have never noticed that they are being followed in this way. Or do they just not know about it yet?

Source – Kaspersky

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