YouTube will finally make Android users smile

YouTube frequently adds new functionality to the experimental features page. However, one of these added features will please Android users. Popular video app Android will finally allow users to zoom in on videos.

The company will now allow premium customers to have more of a part of the video. will allow them to zoom in with a pinch motion to take a closer look. The zoom feature called pinch-to-zoom is available for demo until September 1st. YouTube will finally make Android users smile


We expect this feature, which is offered as a demo, to be officially introduced by the video platform. However, a launch date may come later in case there are any issues with the functionality. There is no information on whether the feature will be available to non-paying users.

To zoom in, simply open YouTube’s settings menu on your phone or website. As long as you subscribe to YouTube Premium, you can see the “try new features” section. The only feature currently available for testing is the zoom function. Once the feature is active, you will be able to zoom in up to 8x.

There are already ways to zoom YouTube content with various accessibility functions on Android and iOS. The zoom feature is obviously very easy to do on a desktop browser. But using it as an optional native feature in the mobile app will be much more convenient. Since platforms are expected to provide every convenience in the modern world, we can say that it will be an important feature.

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