Xiaomi opens its own film studio

The range of products manufactured by Xiaomi is inexhaustible. Starting with smartphones, the Chinese tech giant produces a huge number of smart devices that make up the Mi Home ecosystem, such as vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, TVs and kitchen appliances.

At the current stage of development, the company approached the development of the film market and announced the creation of Xiaomi Studios, which opens with a pilot project Creator. The main goal of the new project will be “the study and creation of mobile graphic content.” The Xiaomi Studios project is positioned as the world’s first official film studio project for Xiaomi mobile phones and will ensure the collection and processing of any video content shot on smartphones.

The new project is associated with a constant growth of the capabilities of smartphone cameras capable of taking high quality photos and videos. A relatively cheap way to create high-quality films using smartphones, according to the creators of the Creator project, will significantly expand the opportunities for ordinary people to enter the film market.

Short films shot with Apple smartphones as part of the Shot on iPhone project have already been launched on the Chinese market. The most famous of these films are the projects “Three Minutes” and “Bucket”, filmed by Chinese directors on the iPhone.

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