When you want to take the tent trip to a new level

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When you want to take the tent trip to a new level

We have tested a flying tent.

Tremannsteltet Tentsile Stingray Tremannsteltet Tentsile Stingray

Tremannsteltet Tentsile Stingray

Camera Vilde M. Horvei

Ole Henrik Johansen, Tek.no

Vår firbeinte turkamerat koste seg under flygeteltet. 21). May 2022, 14:00

7 min reading time

Do you know the childhood dream you had about leaving on a magical, flying carpet? The one who was never fulfilled before you became too old to admit that you still dream about it just as actively?

You can now breathe a sigh of relief. We have found the closest we get to an outdoor trip on a magic rug. And we are not disappointed.

The “flying” tents of Tentsile are actually referred to as “wooden tents”. But why someone found out that they should suffocate the magic behind a tent in the air, with a word reminiscent of a complicated hammock, is not known. We therefore refer to them as flying tents.

We brought in two different types of flying tents, the three-person tent Stingray and the two-person tent Connect. They have many of the same qualities, but they differ in some very specific points.

Tremannsteltet Tentsile Stingray

Tremannsteltet Tentsile Stingray 8 121, – 6 386, – 3 (3 adults, or 2 adults and 2 children) 7 11,1 kg Tremannsteltet Tentsile Stingray 9,4 kg

400 kg 400 kg Tremannsteltet Tentsile Stingray

7 58 x 23 x 23 cm 4 10 x 410 x 410 cm Tremannsteltet Tentsile Stingray

Når teltet oppleves som litt skummelt fordi det henger høyt over bakken, da er det viktig å sjekke at stroppene er ordentlig godt festet. 120 cm 100 cm Tremannsteltet Tentsile Stingray

3x600cm Tremannsteltet Tentsile Stingray 3 x 600 cm 250D Nylon-polyester 250D nylon-polyester 210T polyester

Aluminum Ø 8.5 mm

Aluminum Ø 8,5 mm 5000 mm Tremannsteltet Tentsile Stingray

Both Stingray and Connect are basically relatively easy to install. They are attached to the trees in much the same way as a regular hammock. A ribbon is attached around the trees – with a felt tape underneath to protect the bark – which in turn is attached to the tent.

The difference here is that the strap mount includes three large jack straps similar to the ones you have in the car. This means that both tents can withstand weights up to 400 kg, but your backpack, it is heavy.

Tremannsteltet Tentsile Stingray

When the tent is experienced as a little scary because it hangs high above the ground, then it is important to check that the straps are proper well fastened.

Vilde M. Horvei, Tek.no Vår firbeinte turkamerat koste seg under flygeteltet.

And this is among the tents’ biggest limitation. As the packaging is very heavy (it is stated that 11.1 kg for Stingray and 9.4 kg for Connect, in comparison, the author’s usual two-person tent weighs less than 2 kg), it is completely inappropriate to take them on the longest trips.

In addition to being heavy, there are also several parts that need to be unpacked. When purchased, they come in a separate Tentsile bag. This is excellent to gather everything in if you are going to camp right outside the car, but if you are going for a walk it should be repackaged. It is perfectly fine to distribute the weight in two bags, but food, sleeping bags and other equipment must also fit. The sum of it all is a good deal of weight and volume.

It is also a separate small project to take them with you to unknown places, because the actual assembly requires three trees that are in fairly correct condition. angle. A little wrong angle and you end up with the bunk falling towards the middle. This is the same for both the three-person and two-person tent. It basically only takes a few minutes to attach both the bunk and the tarp to the trees, but the fine-tuning can take a long time. We stood for a couple of hours to adjust the different jacks in an attempt to reach the perfect angle, to avoid too much slope in the tent.

Now it should be said that our need for perfection is just as much about testing whether it er possible to find the ultimate tree formation and angle. Under normal circumstances, we would probably have said goodbye long before and declared that “maybe I’ll roll down on you tonight, you can just live with that.”

Anyway, it has been pointed out out in the right place in advance, then you do not always have to go far to experience magic. Some swear by long trips, while others want short trips, and some of us take an Ole Brumm attitude and say «yes, thank you. Both”.

Then it helps that your ingenious hiking buddy, who for the occasion hangs upside down out of the tent to check that the dog sleeping under us is fine, points out that «you know, this tent is yes a fantastic base-camp tent ».

Tremannsteltet Tentsile Stingray

Our four-legged hiking buddy enjoyed himself under the airplane tent.

Vår firbeinte turkamerat koste seg under flygeteltet.

Dome Dome 4 (not Arctic Circle winter) 4 (not A rctic Circle-vinter) Tremannsteltet Tentsile Stingray
7 x 400 x 256 cm
210T Polyester
5000 mm

Becomes automagic to bouncy castle Check

Good with storage space

  • Check

    Is part of a larger ecosystem, can be expanded

    Check Check Water drain included

    Things to think about

      Swap <circle cx="12" cy="12" r="3.2"> <svg role="img" viewbox="0 0 8 8"> <img alt="Når teltet oppleves som litt skummelt fordi det henger høyt over bakken, da er det viktig å sjekke at stroppene er ordentlig godt festet." data-nimg="intrinsic" decoding="async" src=""> </p> <p> Weighs a lot, works poorly on long trips </p> <path d="M3.05743 3.94287L1.17181 2.05725L0.229004 3.00006L3.05743 5.82848L7.77148 1.11444L6.82867 0.171631L3.05743 3.94287Z"> <ul> Change <circle cx="12" cy="12" r="3.2"> <path d="M0 0h24v24H0z" fill="none"> <img alt="Vilde M. Horvei" data-nimg="fixed" decoding="async" src=""> </p> <p> Many parts that need to be unpacked </p> <p> <title> Swap Costs quite a lot

    With Tentsile Connect you do not get holes in the floor or inflatables -fleet. In return, you get a really cozy flying tent for two people. And a dog, provided it is used to sleeping outside, because it must sleep under the tent.

    The tent, like Stingray, has plenty of space for storage under the tent itself, as well as two large storage pockets for clothes and other equipment. In addition, Connect comes with extra pockets for small things such as telephone, book and lantern, in a kind of room divider at the top of the tent.

    Tremannsteltet Tentsile Stingray Tremannsteltet Tentsile Stingray

    A wool sleeping pad shows very clearly where it narrows in with space at the bottom.

    Vår firbeinte turkamerat koste seg under flygeteltet.

  • Because it’s a great tent if you are going to set up camp ett Vår firbeinte turkamerat koste seg under flygeteltet. place, stay there a few days and go hiking in the area. For everything fits under the tent. Dog, bags, storm kitchen, anything. The tent surface itself acts as a roof. Of course, if you are in Western Norway, a reservation must also be made that rain does not fall straight down, but also sideways, over and in a wave, before it takes a somersault in the direction of the one small part that is not covered.

    But for places where the rain falls down (possibly with extra tarp), and the trees are at the right angle, these tents offer an experience for both big and small.

    Vilde M. Horvei, Tek.no

    Vi feilet litt da vi glemte å ta bilder av stigen montert på Tentsile Stingray, men har til gjengjeld lagt ved bilder av stigen montert på tomannsteltet Connect.

    If sleeping on a magic rug was not enough, then Tentsile’s tent is part of a larger ecosystem. This means that each tent has the option of being upgraded with smaller elements such as a cup holder system (for Stingray), ladders or specially adapted sleeping pads.

    You can also buy hammocks you can hang under

    TENT Vår firbeinte turkamerat koste seg under flygeteltet. ,

    or ground mounting equipment, which means that you can also use the flight tent as a regular tent .

    The most special thing is that the flight tents can have several floors. It is actually possible to make small skyscrapers in the closet by purchasing an extra wall and floor cloth and mosquito net.

    Thus one can make small villages of flying tents, with room for unprecedented crowds of people.

    But then it also costs a lot to be an adult child in a magical flying tent. Tentsile Stingray is around NOK 8,100, while Connect is NOK 6,300. There is a lot of money for a tent that has some very clear restrictions on where it can be used.

    Still, we enjoyed ourselves in this tent, and had no desire to pack it up and go home. For trips where we are not going to go for hours before we set up camp, or want to give the kids an extra experience, these tents are absolutely excellent.

    Tentsile Stingray is a three-person tent where there is room for three people, possibly two adults with a maximum of two children. It can be a bit difficult if three adults of two meters are to sleep in the tent, with all that entails of sleeping bags and extra sleeping pads, but it works.

    Tentsile sells its own sleeping mats that fit into their tents. Although we have not tested them ourselves, we would consider this for both Stingray and Connect. Simply because the angles of the tents are so special that it can be awkward to have 3-4 square sleeping mats, which all fight for space, in one and the same flying tent.

    Clumsy sleeping pad or not, Stingray is probably the tent we consider the most fun for the kids to join in the trip in.

    In addition to being able to crawl up into the tent from all three sides, then Stingray comes with his own hatch in the floor. We would think that the childlike joy over this floor hole hardly needs further explanation, but it also comes with extra fun here. Because here you can mount a ladder, which makes it all a small amusement park of a tent.

    We failed a bit when we forgot to take pictures of the ladder mounted on Tentsile Stingray, but has in return attached pictures of the ladder mounted on the twin tent Connect.

    Vilde M. Horvei, Tek.no

    When it’s time to go to bed, just close the hatch again. The hatch is then noticeably softer than the rest of the floor surface, and can be used to store things you do not want to float around in the tent. In addition, you can open up an inner pocket which also ensures that the whole thing is fixed to the boom. Of course, it also comes with three large pockets under the tent for larger storage, as well as corner pockets inside the tent.

    The fun of course does not stop there, because it took our two youngest Tech testers a few minutes to turn the whole tent into a bouncy castle. And with that, we had not only tested whether the tent was interesting enough for children, but also how much it actually withstood. A lot is the answer. The tent is officially approved by two children who never sit still.

    Tentsile Stingray ForestGreen

    quotation “From airplane tent to bouncy castle in seconds”


    Check Vilde M. Horvei

    Very nice with tent feeling in the air



    Vilde M. Horvei, Tek.no

    It is clearly more spacious in the upper part of the tent, while it narrows naturally inwards towards the leg area. In practice, this means that you are completely at the bottom of each other. Mostly completely unproblematic, but if you do not have specially adapted substrates, but rather want to use your own, then there are a few restrictions on which you can practically apply. Ordinary, square, inflatable surfaces are just to forget. Mummy-shaped might go, but we would recommend quite simple surfaces like for example, the wool sleeping pad we took with us, or maybe Tentsile’s own.

    Tentsile Connect ForestGreen

    quotation “Outdoor magic in flying tents for two” Benefits Check

    Very nice with a tent feeling in the air

    Check Good with storage space Check

    Is part of a noise rre ecosystem, can be expanded


    Fun experience for two people

  • Check
  • Check Things to think about Change

    Weighs a lot, works poorly on long trips


    Many parts that need to be unpacked


    Costs pretty much

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