Walmart is giving up robots for the benefit of humans

The growth in online orders to Walmart prompted the company to replace robots with humans
(photo: Walmart)

In some Walmart stores robots go around floors and help to check if they are loaded shelves. But the retailer decided to rescind contract with the robot company after finding that people can do almost the same job.

According to a post by CNBC , Walmart recently severed ties with Bossa Nova Robotics. A spokesman for the chain of stores told the Wall Street Journal that there were about 500 robots in more than 4,700 Walmart stores at the end of the contract.

Walmart saw significant growth during the coronavirus pandemic as Americans rushed to buy toilet paper, cans, puzzles and other products. The company’s online sales nearly doubled in the second quarter. This created a new challenge for the retailer – it had to quickly refill the shelves and secure the right equipment.

In a recent interview with CNBC, Walmart CEO Doug Macmillan said sporadic depletion of stocks remains a problem. He said that if he could change something in Walmart’s business, it would be to have an even higher level of inventory.

Now Walmart has come up with simple and cost-effective ways to manage your products on your shelves with the help of your workers instead of using robots. In addition, the company’s CEO John Fernner is worried about the reactions of buyers to the robots.

Walmart, however, continues to move forward with others technological experiments. Last week, the retailer said it would turn four stores into e-commerce labs that test digital tools and various strategies to speed up shelf recovery and execute online orders.

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