VPN offer: the excellent CyberGhost massacres its prices

For your online security, you can trust CyberGhost VPN. Take advantage today of 3 months of free subscription.

If until now you did not protect yourself especially on the net, know that this is quite risky. On the Internet, you can be the victim of hacking, usurpation or espionage. Fortunately, to avoid all this, quality software exists: VPNs (Virtual Private Networks). These tools protect your sensitive information and preserve your privacy online, but also give you access to other features. A VPN can, for example, help you bypass geo-restrictions. This is the case with CyberGhost, a reference in the sector. If you are interested, now is the time to get this VPN because its price has dropped by -83%. By subscribing now, you will also benefit from 3 additional months free.See the details of the CyberGhost offer

CyberGhost VPN: an application for multiple uses

The primary purpose of a VPN is to keep you safe online. With this in mind, CyberGhost has excellent settings to keep you safe. First, note that this VPN encrypts your data using a powerful algorithm. This means that your browsing information (such as your browsing history or your bank details) will be unreadable to others. At the same time, CyberGhost fully camouflages your IP address. Knowing that the latter allows you to be identified as well as your location, it is therefore a very good point for your security and your confidentiality. But the strengths of the CyberGhost app don’t stop there. Indeed, this VPN has excellent connection speeds, as well as many servers around the world. CyberGhost runs more than 7,800 servers, spread across 91 different countries. It is one of the largest infrastructures that can be found in 2022. You will therefore be able to connect to these servers, which will have the effect of modifying your virtual location. This will allow you to effortlessly access foreign geo-blocked content. This is particularly the case for television channels, certain game servers or streaming services such as Netflix and its foreign versions. Note also that thanks to its exemplary performance and unlimited bandwidth, CyberGhost is a very good

VPN for gaming. You can install the CyberGhost application on all your devices (computer, tablet, smartphone, but also game console, Smart TV or router) and enjoy 7 simultaneous connections with a single subscription.

Your VPN subscription at a bargain price

Since CyberGhost is an excellent VPN, it is normal that the latter is paid. However, be aware that right now, CyberGhost is lowering its prices on the occasion of a particularly attractive promotion. To take advantage of it, it’s very simple, you just need to subscribe to the VPN services for a period of 3 years. Automatically, you will benefit from an immediate 83% reduction, but also from 3 months free. This way, you will be covered for 39 months instead of 36. And for this, CyberGhost will only ask you for a one-time payment of €77.61. The usual price for such a period of protection being around €467, you will realize a significant saving of around €390. On a monthly basis, this reduction reduces the price of the VPN from €11.99 to only €1.99. And CyberGhost VPN at less than €2 per month, you can’t refuse. Especially since this VPN thinks of everything: it adds to this offer a money-back guarantee that extends over a period of 45 days. You can therefore take the plunge serenely, because you are in no way blocked if you change your mind afterwards.So, quickly take advantage of the advantages of CyberGhost at a low price, right here: Take advantage of the CyberGhost discount

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