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  • In China, they created a robot fish that will clean water from plastic

  • Scientists from China have created a miniature robot-fish, the main and only purpose of which is to clean the seas and oceans from microplastics. Read more

  • YouTube showed a homemade Playstation 5 slim: the thickness of the device is only 20mm

    DIY Perk YouTube channel creator Matthew Perks has created a smaller version of the Playstation 5 game console. Read more

  • With the help of modern technologies, they recreated a person who lived on earth more than 10 thousand years ago

  • Computer games help develop technology. So, for example, thanks to them, it was possible to recreate the image of a person who lived more than 10 thousand years ago.

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  • Scientists have created a wheel that rolls itself up the slope

    How often, when riding a bike, at the sight of a hill, did you wish that it would roll up by itself, without your participation? But it turns out that this is now also possible. True, not without the use of robots.

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  • Nothing Phone: new details about the amazing gadget have become known

    There is a little more information about Nothing Phone.

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    At the annual re:Mars conference in Las Vegas, Vice – President of Amazon and Chief Scientist of Alexa talked about the new future features of the voice assistant.

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