The Batman: The Enigma Of The Trailer Already Solved

With all due respect to Bruce Wayne, Internet users can also conduct the investigation. Some of them have already solved the riddle of the trailer and the coded message of the Mystery Man.

Credits: Warner bros

The first trailer for The Batman does not fail to react on social networks. Whether it’s Colin Farrell’s impressive physical transformation or Robert Pattinson’s performance, everyone has their own commentary. Some even try to decode the various clues, starting with the card left by the Mystery Man for the bat. Andrew Lane, on Twitter, claims to have cracked the code. It seems that the villain played by Paul Dano has not lost his sense of repartee: “What does a liar do when he is dead? He lies still ”.  He’s playing with Shakespeare’s language since the phrase “he lies still”  sounds exactly like “he stays lying down”.  He explains in another tweet that he used a classic deduction method by replacing the symbols in letters. The repetition of the last symbol allowed  to rule out several letters as it is often used for “L” s and “S” s in English. From there, it was enough to apply this method of deduction to all the symbols. We just have to hope that it is not central to the plot of Matt Reeves’ film, so as not to be spoiled in advance. Some Internet users are amused by the apparent ease of the riddle.

So hyped for Matt Reeve’s Batman Movie, I decided to solve The Riddler’s code. #TheBatman

– Andrew Lane (@ TheMasterD101) August 23, 2020

– Reineke (@ Reineke17) August 25, 2020

As a reminder, the film will be released on our screens in September. Robert Pattinson will play the Dark Knight for the first time, alongside Colin Farrell in the skin of the Penguin, Zoë Kravitz in that of Catwoman and John Turturro as Carmine Falcone. Andy Serkis will camp Alfred Pennyworth while it is Jeffrey Wright who will slip into the shoes of Commissioner Gordon. The screenplay is signed by Matt Reeves who partnered with Mattson Tomlin ( Project Power ). To the music, no Hans Zimmer this time around since it’s Michael Giacchino who works. It is to him that we owe the musical theme of the new saga Spider-Man from Marvel. Finally, we will end with the photography which is provided by an expert in the field: Greig Fraser. His extensive filmography ranges from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story to Zero Dark Thirty . This is not the first time that he has collaborated with Matt Reeves since he worked on Let me enter .

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