SIT's school for teaching children programming has started in Bulgaria as well

The purpose of IT training for children is to prepare them not only for existing computer professions, but also for future specialties in the field of science and technology (photo: CC0 Public Domain)

The Schaffhausen Institute of Technology (SIT) in Switzerland announced that as of this autumn in Bulgaria started the children’s educational program of the institute – programming school “SIT Programming School”. Teachers are currently being recruited for the program.

IT training for school-age children is based on the SIT methodology , which aims to prepare young people not only for existing computer professions, but also for future specialties in the field of science and technology.

The institute is currently recruiting teachers for the school “SIT Programming School ”in Bulgaria. In addition to professional teachers, such a role can be taken by students and software specialists. Teachers at SIT Programming School work on a flexible schedule, usually on weekday afternoons and weekends, as well as on weekends.

For those wishing to become primary school teachers , covering grades 2-5, no specialized knowledge and skills in the field of programming are required. The desire to work with young children plays a key role here.

The middle level, which covers students from 6th to 10th grade, implies experience with programming languages ​​such as Python and C ++. The highest level in the school covers 11th grade children and it is important for teachers to have not only in-depth knowledge in the field of software, but also experience in real projects, including project management and working with industrial IT systems.

Those wishing to prepare for teachers at the school “SIT Programming School” can get acquainted with the details and apply to

At the same time, a series of new bachelor’s and master’s programs in computer science, developed jointly by SIT and Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany. The flagship of the series is the enriched program “Master of Computer Science and Software Engineering (MSc CSSE)” for the upcoming educational stream for 2022. It will be available on two campuses: Schaffhausen in Switzerland and Bremen in Germany.

The program provides in-depth knowledge as well as practical skills in areas such as quantum computing, intelligent autonomous systems, symbolic artificial intelligence, systems security and software engineering. It is available for students with in-depth knowledge in the field of computer science. Graduates will complete their studies with a master’s thesis.

The program includes several mandatory courses, but allows students to choose subjects in three main areas: software engineering, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. Full scholarships are available to students, covering tuition fees, as well as other financial opportunities.

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