Samsung and iFixit launch self-service smartphone repair service

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  • Samsung and iFixit launched a service for self-repair of smartphones

    Samsung and iFixit have launched their repair program, which allows owners of the Galaxy S20, S21 and Tab S7 Plus to buy spare parts for their devices and repair them themselves. Read more

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    General Designer of RSC Energia im. S.P. Koroleva Vladimir Alekseevich Solovyov in an interview with the Russian Space magazine revealed some details about the future Russian orbital service station. Thanks to the release of the magazine, you can view the station in detail, including individual service modules.

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  • Samsung and iFixit have launched their repair program that allows Galaxy S20, S21 and Tab S7 Plus owners to buy replacement parts for their devices and have them repaired by themselves.

    It is worth noting that the types of repair work under this program are limited. Samsung, however, says it plans to expand the list of devices and repair types in the future.

    According to Samsung, users will be able to buy parts and tools to replace the screen, rear glass, and charging port. In terms of pricing, the company says consumers will pay the same money for parts as “affiliated repair providers.” For example, an S20 display assembly will cost $199.99. This is not yet available in Russia.

    Source: theverge

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