Personal helicopter backpack CopterPack made its first flight (video)


Fully electric personal aircraft, made in the style of a backpack with two symmetrical rotary installations and a system of automatic and manual flight control, developed by the Australian startup CopterPack, made its first test flight.

A video of the flight of an unusual, seemingly difficult to control device appeared on the official YouTube channel of CopterPack. The twin-engine “individual helicopter” got a rechargeable battery placed in a backpack and two rotary electric motors rotating blades with a diameter of 90 cm, located symmetrically, to the right and left of the pilot.

The structure developed using carbon fiber tubes and is capable of lifting an adult from the ground. According to the developers, the helicopter backpack is equipped with an automatic self-leveling system. Manual control of the device is carried out using two armrests, presumably changing the direction of rotation of the rotors.

Other information about the CopterPack device, except for a short video testing and extremely succinct presentation on the company’s website is not available. At first glance, a helicopter backpack has two main problems. Firstly, when one of the engines stops, the pilot will inevitably fall to the ground, which has led to the limitation of tests to flights over water at low altitudes up to 15 meters. The second problem has to do with the power supply, which prevents the device from flying over long distances. The last problem can be solved by replacing the lithium batteries with more efficient solid-state batteries.


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