• Is it possible to damage a bank card by carrying it in a smartphone case?

    Experts of the Center for Digital Expertise draw the attention of consumers to the problems that may arise if bank cards are stored near metal objects and equipment that emit radio waves. Read more

  • Russian robot model Dunyasha appeared on video

    Promobot, a manufacturer of service humanoid robots, in collaboration with Robin Hood Robotics, presented Dunyasha, a robot that sells ice cream, pours drinks and offers to listen to music while the customer is waiting. Read more

  • With the help of modern technologies, they recreated a person who lived on earth more than 10 thousand years ago

  • Computer games help develop technology. So, for example, thanks to them, it was possible to recreate the image of a person who lived more than 10 thousand years ago.

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  • Nothing Phone: new details about the amazing gadget have become known

    There is a little more information about Nothing Phone.

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  • LG has released an unusual dual monitor – DualUP with an aspect ratio of 16:18

  • LG announced the launch of the 27.6-inch DualUp Monitor 28MQ780. This new product has a very unusual screen aspect ratio of 16:18 and is priced at $699. Read more

    An insider announced a new handheld console from Sony.

    In early December, Nintendo announced the upcoming midnight December 6 price cuts. The statement did not specify the Nintendo Switch game apps that would be discounted, nor did it disclose the amount of the discount. At exactly midnight on December 6th, as promised, Nintendo made price cuts on many games.

    Nintendo announced another price reduction for some gaming applications. An announcement has appeared on the official Nintendo website that at midnight on December 6, 2021, the prices of Nintendo digital games will be reduced in the eShop.

    The Japanese company Nintendo in July of this year officially introduced the third modification of its most massive compact console, which went on retail sale on October 8, 2021 under the Nintendo Switch brand (OLED model). iFixit experts took apart the console and assessed the differences between the new product and the previously released Nintendo Switch (2017) and Nintendo Switch Lite (2019) consoles.

    Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) game console Released in Japan back in 1983. Since then, almost 62 million game consoles have been sold in the world, which are still popular among fans of retro games. In total, more than 500 million gaming applications have been developed for the NES console, and their number continues to grow with new games, among which the recently introduced “walker” – The Adventure of Panzer.

    Any mechanical structure created by man has its weak points, which manifest themselves during long-term operation. Did not escape this fate and gaming compact consoles Switch from Nintendo. The most common complaint among gamers is that the Joy-Con analog stick drifts spontaneously, causing the “point of aim” to constantly shift even when the device is not in the player’s hands.

    Nintendo (Japan) has officially unveiled the third modification of its most massive compact console, which will go on retail sale on October 8, 2021 under the Nintendo Switch brand (OLED model). Compared to the previously released Nintendo Switch (2017) and Nintendo Switch Lite (2019) consoles, the novelty received some updates, but the expected change in the processor to a more efficient chip from Nvidia did not happen.

    The Nintendo Switch Pro compact game console was supposed to be presented last week, but the Japanese high-tech company Nintendo has postponed the announcement indefinitely. Meanwhile, insiders continue to reveal some of the technical details of the new modified device, which in terms of performance will not be inferior to PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

    At all times, representatives of the gaming community have complained about the size of game consoles. More recently, PC gamers were wary of the sheer size of Sony’s latest PlayStation 5, and thirty years ago, their predecessors criticized the size of the Nintendo Game Boy portable console. 32 years after the release of the Game Boy, YouTube channel blogger Grumpy Modeler decided to remind the community about the console and created a giant working model of the device.

    Modern “Kulibins” are tirelessly working on the alteration of high-tech devices in order to expand their capabilities and use gadgets to solve various non-traditional tasks. The most popular among enthusiasts is the compact game console Game Boy, brought to market by Nintendo back in 1989. Computer game fans compete with each other in various game modes. A special place is occupied by the high-speed passage of the game, in which players are called speedrunners. Over the years, one of the most popular games for testing speed methods has been Super Mario Bros.

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