New symptom of COVID-19 Infection Revealed: “COVID Nails”

With the advent of new variants of the coronavirus, the symptoms of the disease are changing, among which they began to distinguish such a phenomenon as “COVID nails”. So far, it is observed in a small number of patients and is not appearing right away, appearing usually only 2-4 weeks after infection.

Covid, as an infection, creates stress in the body, which is reflected in the growth of nails – it seems to pause, but then resumes. Because of this, horizontal indentations appear on the nails, which are known as “Beau’s lines”. It is a common reaction to chemicals, starving, and many illnesses. Knowing the growth rate of nails, (2-5 mm per month) by the location of Beau’s lines, you can roughly determine when a trouble happened to the body, and draw appropriate conclusions.

The second “COVID symptom” is the appearance of a red crescent-shaped stripe above the white part at the base of the nail. It can be triggered by a malfunction of the blood vessels due to the coronavirus. Or it can be formed by blood clots due to the increased activity of leukocytes that fight the virus. Experts say that this position of the stripes is abnormal, and therefore can become a good indicator of COVID-19.

There are other types of nail damage reported by people who have been diagnosed with COVID-19. All of them are a response or side reaction to a serious illness, but by themselves they do not indicate a coronavirus. On the other hand, if stripes, spots or unexplained deformation of the nails appear, even to the point of their loss, it is better to consult a doctor. However, the main thing in the fight against COVID-19 is not treatment, but prevention of the spread of the disease.

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