Minister of Education: Last Minute Decisions, Measures Expected for Years

Ministrul Educatiei Decizii Ultim Moment Masurile Asteptate Ani Zile

The Minister of Education announces a series of decisions last minute that bring measures expected for years in Romania, some for the first time for our country, and this is because in the end loans will be granted to students in our country, with much more advantageous interest rates than before.

The Minister of Education says that he has discussed with the representatives of the European Investment Bank regarding the financing of these loans, but the NBR is also involved, so that in the next period the conditions will be announced.

“Education needs support, it needs support more than ever . We need support for Romanian pupils and students, as well as for pupils and students who are refugees from Ukraine. There are a number of measures already in place.

I had a week ago meeting in Luxembourg with the European Investment Bank, and there is interest on the part of this bank to finance including the part of student loans, obviously loans with advantageous interest, and without the need for guarantees from students.

This has so far prevented the granting of student loans, we are in talks to remove this impediment, and to grant loans to those who want to study in Romania. We are in full talks with the European Investment Bank. Last week I had a meeting with all the rectors in Romania, and I had guests as a representative of the NBR.

He said, also based on the same European program, that he wants to get involved in providing loans for the benefit of students. We had a resolution of the National Council of Rectors of Romania which supports the increase of the scholarship fund for Romanian students. At the moment there is an allocation of 201 LEI per month per student, and the request is for this allowance to increase to 250 LEI per month.

The national school dropout reduction program is already being implemented, through which children from 1,391 schools will, for the first time, receive substantial support, for the first time an integrated support, to be able to attend school. These 1,391 schools will be completed to over 3,300 schools in the second round of funding. There are a lot of programs that run in parallel, and if they achieve their goals, they can be said to be an unprecedented aid to the education system. ”

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