Military concern Nortrop Grumman will develop a new moon rover for NASA

Nortrop Grumman Corporation, together with AVL (Austria), Intuitive Machines (USA), Michelin (France) and Lunar Outpost, have entered into an agreement to jointly create an LTV rover for members of NASA’s Artemis mission.

At the end of the Apollo project in 1972, American astronauts left Luna, three two-seat LRV lunar rovers weighing 260 kg each, capable of moving at a speed of 18 km / h and providing participants on lunar missions with a distance of up to 7.6 km from the landing site.

The new LTV will have much better performance than its predecessors, in particular, it will have a longer lifespan and better resistance to temperature extremes characteristic of the Moon.

The main contractor is Nortrop Grumman. The concern’s specialists will deal with cargo storage systems, energy consumption, avionics, navigation and other important areas of the project. Austrian AVL is tasked with developing an electric motor, and Intuitive Machines will provide information on landing systems for the rover.

In turn, the world leader in the production of car tires Michelin has to create airless tire for the new lunar rover.

Source – Northrop Grumman

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