Microsoft continues to meet people with disabilities.

On May 10, a whole line of accessories was introduced, which should expand the capabilities of those people who are not suitable for a regular keyboard or mouse.

Among the new devices there are a number of interesting options: for example, a simplified adaptive mouse, also a mouse with adaptive thumb rests, hub with four button designs to replace or complement the standard keyboard. There are also adaptive extensions for a standard mouse.

Most devices can be seen in the photo below:

According to Microsoft, the line is a continuation of the 2018 initiative. Then the company released an adaptive controller for the Xbox home game console (yes, we also hear about this for the first time, but there is one).

The Xbox Adaptive Controller can work with a wide range of external mounts, joysticks (not gamepads), and mounts that allow even a person with a disability to experience games.

Regarding games: other firms also do not stand still. In any case, already in several titles one could see such interesting features as head control of the camera, or turn on a robot that reads in-game subtitles, magazines or inscriptions aloud.

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