Magnetic mouse for a laptop: everything ingenious is simple

Магнитная мышка для ноутбука: все гениальное просто

Another variation has appeared computer mouse for laptops: this time the rodent is magnetized to the body.

Magnito Mouse is a smart peripheral that can be used as a regular mouse, as well as a kind of pointer at the presentation. The mode is changed using the switch.

The main feature is the magnets. The mouse is magnetized on tablets and laptops. If the case does not contain any metal parts, a special miniature sticker will come to the rescue, which can be glued to your device and a mouse can already be glued to it.

The novelty will surely appeal to students, those who wear clothes without pockets, or simply in case the rodent has nowhere to put away. Why carry it in your hands if you can attach it to a tablet?

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