• Is it possible to damage a bank card by carrying it in a smartphone case?

  • Experts of the Center for Digital Expertise draw the attention of consumers to the problems that may arise if bank cards are stored near metal objects and equipment that emit radio waves. Read more

  • Russian robot model Dunyasha appeared on video

    Promobot, a manufacturer of service humanoid robots, in collaboration with Robin Hood Robotics, presented Dunyasha, a robot that sells ice cream, pours drinks and offers to listen to music while the customer is waiting. Read more

  • With the help of modern technologies, they recreated a person who lived on earth more than 10 thousand years ago

  • Computer games help develop technology. So, for example, thanks to them, it was possible to recreate the image of a person who lived more than 10 thousand years ago.

Read more

  • Nothing Phone: new details about the amazing gadget have become known

    There is a little more information about Nothing Phone.

  • Read more

  • LG has released an unusual dual monitor – DualUP with an aspect ratio of 16:18

  • LG announced the launch of the 27.6-inch DualUp Monitor 28MQ780. This new product has a very unusual screen aspect ratio of 16:18 and is priced at $699. Read more

    Another variation of a computer mouse for laptops has appeared: this time the rodent is magnetized to the case. Магнитная мышка для ноутбука: все гениальное простоScientists are in full swing developing a magnetic slime robot that can take on various forms to “capture” objects.

    The most powerful magnet in the world is sent to France for installation in the core of the experimental thermonuclear reactor ITER. It is planned that the ITER reactor will be able to realize the possibility of generating thermonuclear energy on an industrial scale by reproducing a process similar to thermonuclear processes occurring on the Sun.

    Adhesive joints are one of the most common assembly methods used in modern industry, medicine and construction. The range of uses for epoxy adhesives ranges from smartphones and children’s toys to parts of satellites and human organs. Создан эпоксидный клей работающий при воздействии переменного магнитного поля

    Chinese scientists have created a unique technology that allows you to turn any object whose size does not exceed the size of insects in a moving, externally controlled microrobot.

    High-tech devices that are now being introduced everywhere do not always perform the functions assigned to them. In some cases, the technical parameters are far from those declared by the developers. Weak protection against intruders can be provided by a smart lock with One Plus fingerprint scanner from Tapplock, easily opened by enthusiasts. Создан самый мощный в мире магнит (3 фото + видео)

    Retail chains are constantly improving the system of payment for goods, making it more efficient and convenient for the buyer. The Russian chain of stores “Magnit” is actively promoting the technology of paying for retail purchases using facial identification of customers. The immediate plans of the company’s management include the introduction of a technology called SELFIETOPAY in two chain stores located in Krasnodar. Создан самый мощный в мире магнит (3 фото + видео)

    The Earth’s magnetic field surrounds us, remaining unnoticed by people. In order for a person to feel it, a team of German scientists from the HZDR research laboratory (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf) created a specific electronic skin. It, according to the researchers, will become “a bionic analog of a compass.” Получен одноатомный магнит для накопителей данных (2 фото + видео)

    The powerful superconducting magnet presented by American developers generates a field with a magnetic induction of 32 Tesla, which is 3 times more than the previous record and 3 thousand times “stronger” than a souvenir magnet for refrigerator. The novelty was developed by engineers from the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory together with SuperPower Inc. Магнитные педали не позволят велосипеду упасть на парковке (5 фото + видео)

    Sometimes it takes a little to be happy, for example, for cyclists, Taiwanese entrepreneur Sumchi Wu created Pedal Park pedals with magnets built into them, thanks to which a two-wheeled a friend can be parked next to any metal object: a pipe or a street lamp. With such a device, you can be sure that the bike will not fall. The pedals are supplied with a metal wall plate, which is designed to create a “home parking space”. On Indiegogo, the aluminum alloy Pedal Park pedals are available for $45, and the plastic ones are available for $30.

    Exploring the possibility of minimizing the physical amount of memory used to store a unit of information – a bit, researchers from IBM have created the world’s smallest magnet , consisting of one atom. This invention, made with a tunneling microscope, can lead to revolutionary changes in the way information is stored.

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