Is it a bird? This is a plane? It's a solar-powered UAV!

In Switzerland, they created a huge plane powered by solar panels, which does not need to land.

True, it is still difficult to call a colossus soaring in the sky an airplane. The fact is that, according to the project, there will not be a single person on board the Solar Impulse 2.

The fact is that the car is needed primarily in order to do cartography. And it’s not even for reconnaissance purposes, although the times, to be honest, are conducive to this.

But in fact, the aircraft was created in order to predict natural disasters, as well as carry out communication functions.

The device itself was created by the Swiss Bertrand Pickart and Bertrand Borshberg. The aircraft’s wingspan is comparable to that of a Boeing 747, and it has more than 17,000 solar panels on board. The company plans to turn Impulse 2 into an autonomous unmanned vehicle that will perform functions similar to those of an orbiting satellite. is somewhat reminiscent of a classic airship in flight.

If you think about it, it is precisely such technologies that in the future can lead to the fact that aircraft, in principle, refuse from aerofuel, thereby significantly reducing the need for humanity in use of oil.

Thus, it will be possible to please the environment. However, despite all this, at present, the energy of solar panels on this ship will not be enough to transport goods over long distances, as well as a large number of people. Therefore, Impulse 2 will serve a good purpose – to help extinguish fires, minimize the effects of hurricanes, and even floods.

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