Information from an insider: Sony decided to give the PlayStation Vita a second chance

The successor to the popular PlayStation Portable was released in 2011 under the name Vita, but despite some interesting exclusive games, it did not win the love of the players. Unlike its predecessor.

The console turned out to be stillborn due to many factors: poor support, a small number of really interesting games, a high price, as well as a lack of understanding from the gaming community.

Why do you need a portable device, when games on mobile phones are sometimes more colorful, and the screens are larger, there is still no answer. Yes, and taking a second device for the sake of a couple of interesting games on the road was also not particularly desirable for someone.

At the same time, another portable console, namely the Nintendo 3DS, on the contrary, was able to shoot and was very popular, including in Russia. Why? Yes, because a huge number of interesting projects were released on the console, and Nintendo was also actively supporting it.

Slowly but surely, Vita lost games even from third-party developers, and at the time of if some games come out, then only from indie developers, and firmware updates simply patch holes in the protection.

However, apparently, seeing the success of the Nintendo Switch console, Sony still decided to release a new handheld. In any case, so considers a ZoneofTech insider who uploaded a piece of the image of the new console on social networks.

Информация от инсайдера: Sony решила дать PlayStation Vita второй шанс

Of course, such an announcement can not be taken seriously, but earlier the insider had already noted reliable leaks: he was the first to demonstrate the PlayStation 5 devkits, the appearance of which was then confirmed. We wait?

Информация от инсайдера: Sony решила дать PlayStation Vita второй шанс

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