Huawei sells Honor for $ 15 billion!

We are shortly after the US elections and the trade war with China continues and Huawei continues to face significant problems. It can not introduce anything and has to make some drastic decisions regarding its operation. One of these is the sale of Honor. Beijing government, Huawei headquarters and Digital China, Honor’s main distributor. The sale includes more than 7,000 staff and research, development and catering facilities. A deal can be announced until Sunday.

Although Huawei itself has created and sold smartphones internationally under its own brand name, its main reach in these western markets, has been done with great success through Honor with very competitive prices. Even Biden, who is considered to have a friendlier agenda, cannot guarantee that relations will be normalized, especially when the security services may insist on such a treatment. Honor, will allow her to get the coveted space she needs to breathe, while for Honor, she may be able to get off the Washington radar and resell devices with the latest Android has Google Services.

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