Huawei Galileo Exhibition Hall – an exhibition of the future in which 5G is accessible to all and the possibilities become limitless

Huawei Galileo Exhibition Hall

Just a few days ago we had the opportunity to participate in a special event organized by Huawei namely Huawei Galileo Exhibition Hall . Because the current situation does not allow us to participate in physical events, this means that everything took place virtually. Now is the time to share details about the information found during this tour in which 5G was the key element, the one that gives impetus to all industries.

The exhibition was a journey of exploration in Huawei’s 5G field. It is a journey that began 10 years ago, when the company began to work on the development of technology.

Huawei Galileo Exhibition Hall:

The name of the exhibition Galileo certainly sounds familiar to you, because Huawei wanted to make an analogy between the act of exploring the unknown of the universe by “the father of modern science” and that of scientific and technological exploration by Huawei.

By the way, among the contributions of Galileo Galilei to observational astronomy was the telescopic confirmation of the phases of the planet Venus, the discovery of the four largest satellites of of Jupiter (named in his honor, Galilean satellites). The same Galileo went down in history for analyzing and observing sunspots. The huge exhibition hall that you can admire in the photos in the article used the cosmic starry sky as the main visual element that leaves you speechless.

Huawei Galileo Exhibition Hall

In the center of attention were new models of 5G antennas, medical solutions for remote interventions, industrial applications for mobile technology, but also about solutions involving virtual reality (VR) technology. All this contributes to a connected future, one in which the 5G connectivity standard is accessible to all , whether we are talking about us – home users, or those in the field business.

This virtual walk through the products and technologies presented by Huawei was made through the platform Zoom . We had two hosts who introduced us to the innovations created by the company and their role. Now we move on to a huge space for the presentation of new technologies and find out that in this exhibition 5 major planets were used to represent the 5 large 5G Huawei exhibition areas, these being the following:

Huawei Galileo Exhibition Hall:

  1. Mars (Power) : Simplified 5G deployment (front 4G implementation) – The immersive scenario demonstrates that Huawei’s 5G end-to-end solution is leading the industry in terms of cost, efficiency and security.
  2. Saturn (Cooperation ): The booming 5G ecosystem. What news will we discover exploring this area? The live experience of the 5G network terminal, BALONG 5000 Chipset, MH 5000 5G module, CPE Win. We also have MIFI, Kirin990 Chipset, 5G module for vehicles from Huawei, 5G Security
  3. Jupiter (Development ): Pioneering 5G: Huawei is the preferred partner by global operators when it comes to 5G technology. It has already obtained 91 commercial contracts, and 5G deliveries exceed 600+ k, well ahead of the industry.
  4. Venus (Perfection) : A better life with 5G, both in the personal and business sphere . What news will we discover exploring this area: VR, LG 5G + business : idol face to face, VR / AR , multi-view live, 5G + media. 5G helps media content to become more and more creative, 5G + 8K. 5G helps 8K content become a spectacular experience with VR technology
  5. Mercury (Trade ): 5G improves hundreds of industries. Some examples would be:
  • Intelligent production 5G : 5G factories pave the way for a new industrial revolution: Bandwidth high 5G, low latency, high competition offers full factory connection, used in areas with mobile activities, equipment lifecycle management, image and data transfer on the spot and fast comparison of the digital cloud model. The inspection and maintenance of AR equipment and the maintenance of AI predictability are among the aspects facilitated by 5G technology on the industrial scene.
  • 5G naval ports : The complete port table contains scenes from various key port operations. These show that 5G will bring changes and value to the port;
  • 5G Medical Services : On-site DEMOs will demonstrate how to perform high-precision medical interventions, remotely, on the operating table. 5G ultrasound testing DEMOs will demonstrate the changes that 5G medical services bring to the medical industry.

Huawei Galileo Exhibition Hall Presentations:

One by one we were presented with 5G 5G technology cases. As well as the advantages that the connectivity standard can offer to the production industries, or the utility in the case of the products we use every day. During the exhibition we also discovered the Huawei 5G AAU antenna , the most compact and lightest 5G antenna in the world. This model can be installed quickly and easily in any location, even in hard-to-reach ones.

Huawei Galileo Exhibition Hall

Huawei Galileo Exhibition Hall and devices that helps to receive a stronger 5G signal. They help to achieve speeds close to those of fiber optic internet. As an example we have Huawei 5G CPE WIN or G CPE. Other scenarios were presented in which the company has only to gain from the 5G standard. We are referring here to remote equipment control solutions, factory automation. We also tick remote surgeries with zero latency or intelligent production.

And the entertainment area will be changed by 5G with shows and concerts broadcast in VR or 8K streaming. 5G technology will change not only the speeds with which we download files or access the Internet. It will change everything and we just have to win. We will make doctor visits directly from our living room. It is something we did not imagine would happen many years ago.

The online school will enjoy 5G through ultra-fast connections and the industry will move to the next level. It is a technological future that is knocking on our door. A future that Huawei managed to present to us in the form of a preview in this unique exhibition called Huawei Galileo Exhibition Hall .

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