Have fun with dozens of games and Easter eggs in Google Search

Google is known for making and adding Easter eggs to all its products. In this article we will see the best hidden toys and Easter eggs that the company has put in Google Search.


Anagram is the word that if you change the order of the letters another word or phrase comes out. So if you type “anagram” in Google Search, it asks you if you mean “nag a ram” because it is simply the anagram of the original word.

The crooked Google

If in Google Search you type “Askew” which means wrong, the results page tilts slightly to the right.

The spy house

In England there is a building that was the secret residence of code decryption experts. The building is called “Bletchley Park” and if you search for its name you will see that its name appears encrypted.

Flashing HTML

In HTML there is a tag that makes the letters flash. So if you do a Google search for “bling tag” or “Blink HTML”, then the words “Blink” and “HTML” will flash in all results.

Breathing exercises

Do you want to restore the rhythm of your breathing because you climbed the ladder and panted? Do a Google search for “Breathing Exercise”, click play and start breathing exercises.

Dance lessons

Cha-Cha Slide is well known song by DJ Casper. If you search for his name in Google Search at the top of the results there will be a video that has an icon next to the title. To learn to dance the Cha-Cha Slide, all you have to do is click on the icon and follow the movement of the screen.

The Game of Life

British mathematician Jonh Horton Conway created the Game of Life. Basically, you press play, you sit relaxed in your chair, and you watch cells being born, multiplying, and dying.

Let’s reverse the data

Are you tired of the simple life? Do you want more risk-free results? Do you want to see with your own eyes what a pilot would see if you had Google Search on the windshield while making a complete rotation of the hull? Just type “Do a Barrel Roll” and press Enter.

Finger Spinner

Trend is over, but Google does not forget anything. Type “spinner”, change the switch on the right to “Fidget”, and start turning the fidget spinner you see on the screen.

Crown letters

Do you want to resolve a dispute as a serious adult by answering the question who wins with a coin? Very nice! Since your coins are now scarce, I have the solution. Type “Flip a Coin” in Google Search, press Enter, and click on “FLIP AGAIN” as much as you want.

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