Google forgot to renew domain registration millions of sites are inaccessible at old addresses

The free Google Blogger tool allows anyone on the web to access their website. However, this week in India there were serious problems with the functioning of the platform. Reportedly, Google forgot to renew the registration of the service’s national domain,, which was used by cybersquatters, Internet cybercriminals, who take domain names to resell them to their rightful owners at an inflated price.

Now the domain is resold for $5999. Sites of Indian users of the platform are still available on, however, when trying to log in to resources with the domain name, redirection to the working version of the page does not occur. Service users are extremely unhappy with this state of affairs. Some of them believe that a company of this level is simply obliged to follow the terms of registration of their domains and hope that the problem will be solved soon. The online edition of BleepingComputer contacted Google for clarification, but there was no response from the search giant.

Meanwhile, the situation with the loss of Google control over the domain could cause real damage to many Internet users. The point is that if the company does not buy the domain, millions of URLs on the Internet may be redirected to fraudulent sites that distribute malware or are used for phishing purposes.

No information has yet been received on whether Google will buy out the domain from the cybersquatters who intercepted it.

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