Gaussin hydrogen-powered truck to take part in the 2022 Dakar

French automaker Gaussin has been working on various models of vehicles with hybrid electric motors running on hydrogen fuel for several years. The new H2 Racing Truck will showcase its capabilities at the upcoming 2022 Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia. During the race, the Gaussin truck will have to overcome the difficult track on sand and stones, the duration of which will be 12 hours.

The H2 Racing Truck is equipped with two electric motors with a capacity of 407 hp. (300 kW). A 380 kW hydrogen power plant will be used to power the engines. There is also a backup battery of 82 kW. One tank filling of the truck holds 80 kg of liquefied hydrogen, which will provide 250 km of autonomous mileage at an average speed of about 140 km / h.

Грузовик Gaussin с силовой водородной установкой примет участие в гонке Дакар-2022

Time for full filling of the H2 tank Racing Truck with Hydrogen is about 20 minutes. Reducing replenishment times is very important for alternative hybrid trucks to traditional cars. Back in 2017, the Dakar rally track was covered by an electric vehicle from Acciona. However, the innovative car received many penalty points for long stops to recharge the batteries. As a result, the electric car took the last place.

Developers from Gaussin said that they took into account the experience of Acciona and argue that the H2 Racing Truck will be able to compete with such recognized leaders as KAMAZ vehicles with a power plant of 1150 hp. and a hybrid Toyota Hino with a capacity of 1065 hp

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