• Phones worthy of Chuck Norris: harsh devices from North Korea

    Smartphones in North Korea: progress from 2002 to 2021. Is it true that they do not have Wi-Fi, social networks and games? Now we will tell.

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  • Virtual pajama suit: Japan has come up with a technology that will dress you up for online negotiations

  • What if it’s remote again? Japanese developers are well aware of the state to which a person who constantly sits within four walls can bring himself and decided to simplify the life of such workers a little, but with the help of a new deepfake application.

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  • HP launches ZBook Studio G9 with flagship Core i9-12900HK processor and RTX 3080Ti graphics (3 photos)

  • The American company Hewlett-Packard announced the release of a new portable workstation ZBook Studio G9 with flagship hardware.

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  • A domestic 3D printer was developed in St. Petersburg

    In the city on the Neva, at the Obukhov plant, they presented their own production of a 3D printer. Almost all components in this infernal machine are domestic. Read more

  • Japan has expanded the list of technologies and goods prohibited for export to the Russian Federation

    Most recently, the Japanese authorities banned the supply of semiconductors to Russia, and now the list has been replenished with various types of high-tech solutions, from 3D printers to quantum computing tools. The restrictions have already been approved by the authorities and will come into force on May 20. Read more

    Gaming vodka. Sounds interesting, agree.

    then in Japan they really release sake, focused on gamers.

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