• Blackview Introduces BL8800 Series – World’s First Rugged Phone with 5G, Thermal Camera and Night Vision

  • Blackview rugged phone brand has officially launched the Blackview BL8800 series (BL8800/BL8800 Pro), incorporating 5G technology and FLIR® thermal imaging technology. Read more

  • Phones worthy of Chuck Norris: harsh devices from North Korea

    Smartphones in North Korea: progress from 2002 to 2021. Is it true that they do not have Wi-Fi, social networks and games? Now we will tell.

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  • Alcohol for the Rich: Gamer’s sake will go on sale in Japan

    Gaming vodka. Sounds interesting, agree. But if in Russia it is still more of a drink for parties, then in Japan they really release sake, focused on gamers.

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  • How scammers can get a loan for you and how to protect yourself from it

    The procedure for obtaining loans and credits has been simplified, leaving a lot of loopholes for scammers. The Center for Financial Expertise of Roskachestvo explains whether it is really possible to get a loan without your knowledge.

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    Hatch Duo has developed a Krado concept sensor that works in conjunction with care systems for Leaflet plants. The novelty is designed to monitor the health of plants that are indoors.

    In the conditions of modern megacities, many people have a desire to do growing plants at home. Innovative systems based on hydroponics could be a promising future for urban gardening. Terraplanter technology, developed by enthusiasts from a New York startup, uses special vessels for hydroponics, and will allow you to grow various plants in urban environments.

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