Eco-rocket prototype to be launched in late 2022

An interesting version of a mini-rocket was presented by Orbex Space. The device was called Orbex Prime, and soon the prototype will be sent into orbit from the spaceport in Scotland.

What distinguishes this rocket from conventional models is that it was created with environmental requirements in mind. Therefore, biopropane (biofuel), which has a low carbon content, is used as fuel, and the engine is generally printed on a 3D printer.

As Orbex CEO Chris Lamour notes, in order to provide environmental friendliness and rocket performance, the company had to innovate in many areas.

Prime will be used for operational services for the orbital launch of small, micro and nanosatellites.

For example, as Lamour noted, especially for Orbex Prime has developed very light fuel tanks, as well as low-mass reusability technology.

However, the spaceport from which the rocket will be launched is also not as simple as it seems. Sutherland was built in Scotland in 2022 and is also environmentally friendly.

The spaceport site is carbon neutral. The object will be launched at the end of the year.

I wonder if Elon Musk got a little tense after such intriguing news?

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