• Yandex started accepting orders for the second generation smart speaker (3 photos)

  • Pre-order for the second generation smart speaker “Yandex.Station” has started. Its key features are support for the Zigbee protocol, enhanced audio capabilities and a new design.

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  • A domestic 3D printer was developed in St. Petersburg

    In the city on the Neva, at the Obukhov plant, they presented their own production of a 3D printer. Almost all components in this infernal machine are domestic.

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  • SBP now has the possibility of contactless payment via NFC

    The Bank of Russia has expanded the functionality of the Faster Payments System (FPS). Olga Skorobogatova, First Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia, spoke about this during the New Horizons educational marathon.

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  • Augmented Reality Glasses for Builders and Production Workers: Dreams or Reality

    All over the world, modern technologies are being introduced in various fields. Construction and manufacturing is no exception. One of the first signs in this direction was X-Craft, a special augmented reality device that is attached to an industrial helmet. Read more

  • Eighteen kilograms of cold: “portable” air conditioning for summer cottages and travel

    Most likely, everyone remembers the abnormal heat of 2021, when in the summer many Russians tried not to get out of the bath with cool water, came up with various methods to cool down . Based on consumer demand, EcoFlow decided to launch a new product: EcoFlow Wave Portable Air Conditioner. But it is not cheap, about 73 thousand rubles …

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    At the SID (Society for Information Display) exhibition, held from 10 to On May 12 in the US, LG Display showcased the latest in OLED, ranging from free-form smartphone solutions to enterprise options.

    Researchers have developed high-brightness color flexible displays. These can be used in wearable devices.

    An international team of scientists has created a “smart » textile display, which integrates active electronic, touch, energy and photonic sensors. The sensors are built directly into the fibers and yarns. The study is published in Nature Communications.

    World Leader Display company LG Display, a subsidiary of the LG Group, unveiled concept models of high-tech devices in preparation for presentation at the CES 2022 Consumer Electronics Show, which will be held in Las Vegas from January 5 to 8, 2022.

    Introduced by Apple in September of this year, the new line of iPhone 13 smartphones has been thoroughly tested by experts and users for several months. As a result of the research, it was revealed that single problems are not systemic and do not affect large batches of new iPhones. However, recent complaints about screen color changes in the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 smartphones can cause serious concern.

    Return visually impaired people will be helped by an invention made by scientists from Cornell University (USA) together with representatives of the Technion Institute of Technology (Israel) to an active life. The experts were able to create a flexible silicone surface on which, as a result of burning gas, the “inflatable” dots necessary to create a dynamic Braille screen will appear.

    Displays made using organic light emitting diode (OLED) technology have significant advantages over liquid crystal (LCD) displays. Positioned as next-generation displays, OLED matrices have a wide color gamut, as well as a higher response speed than LCD displays. The OLED matrix uses LED elements that have a limited lifespan to increase brightness. As a result, over time, OLED screens “burn in”: the panel becomes less bright, and afterimages appear even when the screen is off.

    The most notable design changes to Apple’s recently introduced MacBook Pros have been the introduction of a ‘mono-brow’ similar to the cutouts found on the iPhone and a return to physical function buttons instead of the deprecated Touch bar. Innovations were ambiguously accepted by the community, especially with regard to the “bangs”, the appearance of which caused a wave of memes and negative comments.

    One of the most successful insiders and analysts who research Apple products, Ros Yang, slightly corrected his statement about the timing of the release of updated iMacs with more 27-inch screen using mini LED technology. According to the expert, the market launch of the updated iMac will take place early next year.

    Over the years, Samsung’s OLED panels have evolved from rigid screens to flexible and foldable ones, and now it looks like the next step in technology development may become stretchable panels that convert a flat image into a three-dimensional one. Samsung Display demonstrated this concept at Global Tech Korea 2021. One of the main problems of folding smartphones is the display, which requires proper protection with ultra-thin and flexible glass. LG Chem, a specialist in the development of new IT materials, announced the creation of an ultra-thin coating for flexible displays that has the strength and hardness of glass and the flexibility of plastic. The new material, called Real Folding Window, prevents cracking and wrinkling along the display’s fold line.

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