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  • Blackview Introduces BL8800 Series – World’s First Rugged Phone with 5G, Thermal Camera and Night Vision

  • Blackview rugged phone brand has officially launched the Blackview BL8800 series (BL8800/BL8800 Pro), incorporating 5G technology and FLIR® thermal imaging technology. Read more

  • Phones worthy of Chuck Norris: harsh devices from North Korea

    Smartphones in North Korea: progress from 2002 to 2021. Is it true that they do not have Wi-Fi, social networks and games? Now we will tell.

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  • Alcohol for the Rich: Gamer’s sake will go on sale in Japan

    Gaming vodka. Sounds interesting, agree. But if in Russia it is still more of a drink for parties, then in Japan they really release sake, focused on gamers.

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  • How scammers can get a loan for you and how to protect yourself from it

    The procedure for obtaining loans and credits has been simplified, leaving a lot of loopholes for scammers. The Center for Financial Expertise of Roskachestvo explains whether it is really possible to get a loan without your knowledge.

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    May 10, a whole line of accessories was introduced, which should empower those people , which does not fit a regular keyboard or mouse.

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