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  • Is it possible to damage a bank card by carrying it in a smartphone case?

  • Experts of the Center for Digital Expertise draw the attention of consumers to the problems that may arise if bank cards are stored near metal objects and equipment that emit radio waves. Read more

  • Russian robot model Dunyasha appeared on video

    Promobot, a manufacturer of service humanoid robots, in collaboration with Robin Hood Robotics, presented Dunyasha, a robot that sells ice cream, pours drinks and offers to listen to music while the customer is waiting. Read more

  • With the help of modern technologies, they recreated a person who lived on earth more than 10 thousand years ago

  • Computer games help develop technology. So, for example, thanks to them, it was possible to recreate the image of a person who lived more than 10 thousand years ago.

Read more

  • Nothing Phone: new details about the amazing gadget have become known

    There is a little more information about Nothing Phone.

  • Read more

  • LG has released an unusual dual monitor – DualUP with an aspect ratio of 16:18

  • LG announced the launch of the 27.6-inch DualUp Monitor 28MQ780. This new product has a very unusual screen aspect ratio of 16:18 and is priced at $699. Read more

    Babbit wireless speaker, recently launched in the North American market. The column is designed for family access, that is, it can be controlled by children who do not need to use the phone. The only problem for them may be that there is no access to paid music libraries or it is banal that the smallest ones cannot read.

    French design brand Lexon offers an extremely curious device that will please the average music lover.

    According to Mark Gurman, the new the device will run on the tvOS operating system and will be equipped with a built-in camera.

    an ordinary speaker, but in fact, the device combines several modern technologies aimed at delivering sound to only one user. Портативная колонка от Louis Vuitton в форме «летающей тарелки» по цене 2900$ (4 фото)

    At a corporate event for the presentation of new product samples, Meizu showed a portable speaker with an unusual design and high autonomy. The speaker will be released under the name Meizu PANDAER x Elvis XOG Platinum Unicorn Cyber ​​Bluetooth from the PANDAER brand, one of Meizu’s sub-brands.

    HumBird speaker using bone conduction technology, represents a new class of acoustic devices that allow you to turn almost any surface into a speaker that broadcasts sound. Компактное устройство HumBird превратит любую поверхность в динамик (видео)

    French fashion house Louis Vuitton, which specializes in handbags, apparel and fragrances, is entering the high-tech market with the Horizon Light Up Speaker. The Elegant Companion combines the tradition of Louis Vuitton design with superior sound quality and cutting-edge technology, according to the company’s designers.

    Sony launches the original Sony LSPX-S3 speaker, which provides surround sound throughout the room, as well as the ability to function as a smart lamp.

    Color music, popular in the 80s of the last century, was revived by the efforts of the Korean artist Dakda Jung in a new original technological solution – in the form factor of a compact Bluetooth speaker that simultaneously plays and visualizing musical compositions.

    The long-awaited, second autumn Apple presentation unexpectedly began with the presentation of a new, compact modification of the HomePod mini smart speaker. The announced column, spherical in shape, becomes a smaller version of the original HomePod speaker.

    The economic problems of 2020, generated by the coronavirus pandemic, have led to a change in the usual timing of the presentation of new products by all the world’s leading corporations. Apple did not escape this either, moving the usual presentation of the next iPhone line from September to October. Given the historical transfer of computer equipment to proprietary ARM processors, the presentation of which will take place in November, this year we are expecting as many as three autumn Apple events dedicated to new products. However, the greatest interest among Apple fans is still the presentation, which will take place this week on October 13 at 20:00 Moscow time.

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