Chinese builders have learned to erect 10-storey skyscrapers in one day

Large-panel construction can hardly be attributed to the latest construction technologies. Suffice it to recall that since the 60s, tens of thousands of residential buildings, including the famous Khrushchevs, have been erected by this method in the USSR (and in many other countries as well).

However, the Chinese construction company Broad Group, thanks to its rapid construction system, was able to give this method a second birth. As a result, its specialists managed to build a 10-storey apartment building in a record 28 hours and 45 minutes.


One of the most important features of the system is full compliance with the sizes of building sections and transport containers in which they are brought to the construction site. (Recall that “Khrushchevs” were assembled directly at the construction site from sections made at house-building enterprises).

Broad Group building modules are manufactured at the factory from stainless steel and are pre-wired, insulated, glazed and ventilated.

The very process of erecting a building is a lot like assembling from a designer with the participation of a small team of builders and three cranes. The sections and the engineering communications inside them are quickly interconnected, as a result, the building “grows” literally in front of your eyes.

A very important point – the speed of building a building is not at the expense of quality. The assembly is strong and has the necessary seismic resistance, and if necessary, the building can be dismantled and moved to another location.

The company plans to erect more high-rise buildings up to 200 floors using this technology.

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